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My autumn bead finally entered its competition yesterday. I lost count of the number of versions I did to try and perfect it, but when my final attempt broke taking it off the mandrel I had to enter the first of the version I was trying to recreate even though it was not as good as I’d like it to be.

As expected, it didn’t win, but some lovely autumn coloured crunch beads did, made by Sandy Kelly. A worthy winner.

The day was long but enjoyable. I got a lift from Corby, having left my car at Trudi’s house, with Scarlet and Melody. I’d never met Melody but liked her her straightaway. Just as well as it took us two hours to get to East Hendred, near Oxford.

Turnout was disappointing from members but there were several vendors to make up for that. Martin with his glass and tools, Jolene with murrini and shards, Vickie with frit and findings, Shirley with frit & silver and Heather with Lauscha glass.

The meeting was lively and useful; heated discussion is healthy and necessary if GBUK is to progress. I was shocked and honoured to be awarded with a certificate of appreciation from the committee.

After Carol’s beaded cab workshop had finished it was time to head home. The lively discussion continued in the car and over dinner at Frankie & Benny’s.

It was late when I got home but it had been a good day and the journey was long but worth it. I was pleased I hadn’t had to drive …