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Autumn and cabs

I went back to work this week, after six wonderful weeks off, and landed with a bump.

Nothing was going to compare with three weeks in America and an awesome 25th wedding anniversary party was it?

And it’s going to be a busy term, with several fairs to attend and all that that entails with making beads and jewellery.

Today I’m going to an Open Studio event in Titchmarsh, about an hours drive away, with my mate Sally. Three more friends, Angie, Trudi & Deanne, are holding the event so I’m really looking forward to it.

Next weekend is the GBUK AGM. I’m Secretary of this illustrious organisation and will be there recording the events. GBUK hold several competitions over the course of a year and the theme for the AGM this year is ‘Autumn’. So I’ve been making autumn beads, lots of autumn beads, each one slightly different as I’ve tweaked them. Yesterday’s efforts finally produced one I’m proud of. I shall make it again to perfect it further but it will have to wait until later in the week. Torch time is scarce at the moment.

A new technique I’ve been playing with is cabochons.  My spatial awareness is, erm, dodgy so find shaping things by eye tricky, but the cabs seem to like me and I’ve produced some pretty good ones already, and enjoyed making them which I wasn’t entirely sure I would. I don’t think the ones I’ve made are saleable but it’s certainly a promising start. I have plans for what to do with them once I am happy to sell them, so watch this space!