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Out with the old, in with the new

It’s a new year, 2015, and with it comes resolutions to do better than the year before. For me this means raising my online presence in the form of adding lots to my website, writing more blogs and increasing my interaction with the social media platforms. The scary part of this has been made somewhat easier by having my social media reviewed by Social Quirk who produced an detailed overview of what I do right, and wrong, and what I need to do in the future. Now all I have to is follow it …

I have fewer fairs this year and I’m selling in a reduced capacity at Flame Off, preferring instead to spend more time helping people use the torch benches and catch a demo or two. It will be odd being on the ‘other side’ but I hope just as enjoyable.

I have started dabbling with boro glass and am enjoying making marbles:


I am also playing more with the glow glass. It’s fun seeing it glow in the dark; it adds another element to my beads. I spent yesterday experimenting with glow murrini and was pleased with this result:

hydra murrini


So more social media and lots of practice with boro and glow – should keep me busy!