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It’s been a funny summer holiday break from work; I saw lots of family for very different reasons, had a two week holiday in Scotland and suddenly I have less than a week left before the new term starts.

My torch has been all but abandoned for the last five weeks but I finally snatched an hour or so yesterday. Hatfield Bead Fair went well, meaning stock needs replacing, and in a few weeks time is the GBUK AGM.

The AGM is being held in Yorkshire this time, at Tuffnells. Superb location in my opinion. Not only has Martin got lots of torches to play on, and a shop to spend all my hard-earned cash in, but Martin & Teresa are fantastic hosts.

The torch time I’ve had today has been spent creating my entry for the circus challenge, a competition just for the AGM. The prize is small but the challenge is great – can I actually make something worthwhile?

Watch this space – I will upload my entry, but not until after the AGM.