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Feeling groggy …

Winter has well and truly arrived, with high winds, plunging temperatures and rain, lots of rain. I’m not a fan of wind but, as a general rule, I quite like rain, especially when I’m tucked up warm in my studio with the torch and kiln on, listening to the radio.

But today I have a cold, a bad cold, that may keep me away because, not only is my head pounding, there is little you can do about a runny nose with a hot bead in one hand and a hot rod of glass in the other. Besides which – have you tried blowing your nose with one hand? Not good!

It’s a shame because I’m enjoying myself with plenty of ideas. Halloween, of course, provides plenty of work to do.



I’ve also been making long focals to add to my latest present idea – bottle openers.

1 2 3-1


I’m hoping these will be the perfect gift and have had fun creating lots of different designs. Every one is unique.