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10th August 2010

Long time since I wrote anything in here. Each time I logged in I saw Yue and it was too emotional for me. Still is, but I’ve decided to carry on and get another post on here.
I am in the middle of the summer holidays and I am really busy with all sorts of tasks.
My house is stuffed to overflowing with ‘stuff’ and I’ve given myself the job of unstuffing it. Easier said than done!
On top of that I need some bead time – I have managed a few sessions but I seem to have lost my inspiration after a 4 week gap in time at the torch. I’m slowly gaining some back, but progress is slow 🙁
Jewellery is next on my list – I have made a couple of pieces but not many. I have recently become a founder member of a new craft association – The Fenland Craft Guild – which will promote real handmade crafts in this corner of the country.
If that isn’t enough I have some studying to do. I am doing a school business manager course which is incredibly time consuming. On the home run now though.