2nd February 2010

Isn’t it cold? I hate the cold. Every time I go in the conservatory my feet freeze whilst my face is cosy warm. Still the results are worth it. I’ve been making lots of stock because our first fair is on Sunday. Our season kicks off at Kempton Park, a new venue for the Fyrebirds. […]

16th January 2010

The snow has gone. Instead of a magical winter wonderland outside my kitchen window, I have grey leaden skies. Becky returns to Durham today and it may be another 3 months before I see her again. My sister has gone to live in Australia. I think the weather reflects my mood.

7th November 2009

A whole weekend stretches out in front of me and I have so much I want to fill it with that something won’t get done! The garden is beckoning, not least because all the leaves are piled up in untidy heaps. I will be happy with a tidy but overgrown view from my conservatory. Beads […]


2nd November 2009

Back to work (school) today after a week of half term. I did enjoy myself at Harrogate Bead Fair at the beginning of the week. I had the other Fyrebirds, Shirley & Trudi for company, and saw some friends to catch up with (Martin, Teresa & Jo) plus had a successful time too. Couldn’t be […]


26th October 2009

Back from Harrogate Bead Fair. What a weekend! Early start on Saturday and a rapid set up for the stall when we got there. The fair was busy both days and we had a steady stream of customers. There was a distinct difference between the 2 days – Saturday people were, on the whole, out […]

20th October 2009

Becky’s birthday – she’s in Durham, enjoying her day. Still odd, not being with her on her birthday. I guess I’ll get used to it, there’ll be more times it happens this way than not. Busy getting ready for the weekend – Harrogate Bead Fair. Two days of (hopefully) lots of interested customers. We have […]

28th August 2009

Bank holiday weekend – my long holiday is coming to a close. I don’t want it to. I haven’t done a fraction of what I wanted to in the last 6 weeks, and I ‘m not looking forward to the future right now. I do hope to get into my conservatory today, as I haven’t […]

13th August 2009

Unfortunately the sun is shining today! As I work in a conservatory, the amount of light and heat is a consideration and I may have to wait until this afternoon so the sun is behind some tall trees in the grounds next to the house.

Hello and welcome to my first blog post!

Hey everyone who might be reading my first ever post of my first ever blog! I’m Colette, and I’ve started this blog to keep track of my bead and jewellery making businesses, interspersed with extracts from my personal life! I’ve been making jewellery since 2005, when I found a way in through making seed bead […]